Becoming a plumber without training

You want to become a plumber without training, is that possible? the short answer is: yes. How to tackle this, you’ll read in this blog.

Become a plumber without training?

That’s quite a challenge, but it’s not impossible. The plumbing profession has changed a lot in recent years. Much technology has been added with systems such as heat pumps, heat recovery systems and modern boilers. This makes the profession challenging and in high demand. There is also plenty of work for plumbers in the future.

Without education, you miss out on a lot of knowledge

If you are training in installation engineering, you will spend a few years doing that. This is necessary to have knowledge of all techniques and systems. If you have no training, you are missing out on the necessary knowledge needed to become a good plumber.

Are there plumbers who have no training?

Yes, there are plumbers who got into the trade by gaining experience and started working as plumbers that way. But to work with all systems, additional certifications must be obtained. You can then obtain this through the company where you work.

What are your opportunities as a plumber without training

You haven’t completed a degree in installation engineering, but you want to get started as a plumber, what can you do? We give you 2 options.

Get experience as a plumber

No training, but have experience, you may still be able to work as a plumber. Installation companies have a shortage of good plumbers, and many are retiring in the next few years. This frees up spots for assistant mechanics and apprentice plumbers. To qualify, it is helpful if you have had job experience at home or in your area that is relevant to a plumber. Consider adjusting pipes and installing plumbing. If this is successful, you can see if there is an installation company you can walk with, such as on Saturdays. If that is allowed and they see that you have aptitude and motivation, they may just eventually give you a chance as an apprentice plumber.

Do you want to become a plumber without training?

It can be done, although it requires some commitment from you. Hopefully we have been able to inspire you to go for it. It is a job with future prospects and varied work. Interested in starting your career through us? We are happy to look at the possibilities with you.


Have a question about becoming a plumber without training or would you like to work for us? Contact. We are happy to help!
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