Detachment in construction or engineering

This is how detachment works at Jobxion

Detachment Jobxion

When you are on detachment, you generally work on a project basis for various clients. This can also be in construction or engineering. Does that seem like a nice change to you? At Jobxion, you can work this way.

Greater certainty with detachment

If you work through detachment, it offers you more certainty than if you work under a temporary employment contract. With detachment, you are guaranteed work and thus income for a certain period of time. Working through a temporary contract stops when the work is finished, the duration of the contract is flexible. We also make every effort to have you taken over by the client after your posting ends. Should you actually enjoy working on a project basis, we will of course continue looking for a new challenging project!

How does being detached through Jobxion work?

If you are posted through Jobxion, we use the first month as a probationary period. Both you and the company can see if the click is there and if you are a good fit for each other. Should that still not be entirely to your liking, we will look for another opportunity for you. Of course, if you continue into a subsequent contract after your first posting, there is no longer a probationary period! A detachment normally lasts 7 to 8 months. Depending on the project and your and the client’s preference, it may be longer or shorter.

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With detachment, Jobxion remains your employer

So once you are detached through Jobxion, we are your formal employer. This means that we take all responsibility for you. From career counseling to time management and from your benefits to paying your salary. At the same time, we ensure that you are treated in the same way as colleagues who are directly employed by the client. Our clients also go for that, it is not without reason that they are looking for someone for a longer period of time.


Want to learn more or get started via detachment at Jobxion? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

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