What is a lateral entrant?

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Because we at JobXion believe that if you just want to and persevere, you can always learn a trade, we encourage lateral entrants into construction or engineering. Are you now practicing a profession in which you don’t feel at home anyway? Or is it time to change course completely in your career? Then choose a lateral entry course with job guarantee at JobXion.

What is a lateral entrant?

A lateral entrant is someone who makes the transition to another position. This position usually falls within a field in which he/she has no experience or completed training (yet), but would like to learn and practice this trade. Lateral entrants are in all sectors. We target lateral entrants who want to work in construction or engineering.

Why Jobxion is open to lateral entrants.

Simply for the fact that there is a gigantic labor shortage in many sectors. The ambition for the construction industry, for example, is to build an additional one million homes by 2030. Homes and buildings must also be made more sustainable due to the energy transition, so additional construction and engineering professionals are in high demand.

In addition, we at Jobxion love our job. Our years of experience in the construction industry have given us an unparalleled enthusiasm for construction. This enthusiasm and our professional knowledge combined, make us want to enthuse others about the beautiful world of construction as well. Out of nothing our craftsmen make something. 

Job guarantee at Jobxion

The courses are coordinated with some major employers so that they match the projects and work you will encounter in the field. Before we begin a process with you, we look specifically at your needs and the options we can offer. Sometimes this combination does not lead to a job, we have to be honest about that, but you can expect us to be 100% committed to you. Our clients are always looking for new professionals and have jobs available for us. This allows you to put the newly learned skills into practice right away at the company where you will be working.

Why choose Jobxion as a lateral entry worker?

Personal guidance, genuine interest in you as a person and only work that really suits you. That’s who we are and what we always go for. Add honesty and a transparent way of working and you have the picture complete. As soon as you are introduced to construction or engineering as a lateral entrant through JobXion, you will notice this immediately.

Lateral entry pathway in brief

We will have a personal conversation with you to discover what you want. What your expectations are. And what we expect from you. Only in this way can we get a complete picture and draw up a suitable lateral entry course for you.

You start the program with one of our courses under the guidance of an experienced subject instructor. In just a few days, we will teach you the basics needed to make a new career start as a lateral entrant.

In the meantime, we will arrange a new job in consultation with you and you will have an introductory interview at your new workplace. That way you can be sure you want to work there. After completing the training, you will join the company and continue to learn and grow as a professional.

Benefits working as a lateral entry with Jobxion

  • Job guarantee
  • Good salary
  • Personal guidance
  • Makita tools and workwear
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Development track allowing you to work as a professional

Start a lateral entry route with Jobxion

Are you ready to turn your career around and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of construction or engineering? Contact us with any questions.

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