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Client and candidate are our focus. To ensure the quality of our work and the interests of our temporary workers, we have several certifications.

Certificering Jobxion

The SNF certification of approval ensures the quality of employee housing. We meet the strict requirements of this certification of approval because we believe it is important for migrant workers to be properly housed near their work.

NBBU ensures that its members are reliable, operating companies that comply with laws and regulations, however complex. They oversee the implementation of the collective bargaining agreement to safeguard the interests of flex workers.

The perspective statement will make it easier for flex workers to apply for a mortgage to buy their own home. The Perspective Declaration Foundation guarantees the quality and continuity of the perspective declaration.

Certificering Jobxion

Safety is important in construction and engineering. VCU certification shows that we value safe and healthy work. Everyone who works for us has a VCA certificate. This is how we ensure safety during operations.

Certificering Jobxion

The NEN 4400 standard describes the requirements we must meet to fulfill our obligations from labor. Consider filing the proper returns, remitting payroll taxes, sales taxes and social security contributions.

Certificering Jobxion

The SNA certification is for the temporary staffing industry and work contractors and is designed to reduce the risks of labor hirers and work contractors. Companies with the SNA certifcation are inspected periodically.

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