Working in construction without experience

No problem, you can do that with us

Getting started in construction without experience

Want to work in construction but have no experience or don’t know where to start? Jobxion has short training courses with job guarantee so you can quickly get to work in construction.

Your opportunities in construction

There is a lot of work in construction right now. This is expected to continue in the coming years. Consider the housing shortage, an additional one million homes must be built by 2030. Many other homes and businesses need to be renovated, maintained or preserved. So plenty of work for anyone who wants to work in construction, even without experience.

Jobs no experience required

Check out some jobs below that require no experience or see the full range of jobs that require no experience.

We provide experience in construction

No experience in construction is not a problem, we will make sure you will build a lot of work experience. When you work through Jobxion, you will get to work on different projects, for short or long periods of time. As a result, you will gain a lot of experience in a variety of jobs, gaining a lot of practical experience in a relatively short period of time.

Working in construction without a degree

No degree you can use in construction? No problem with Jobxion, either. The first certificate you will obtain through us is your VCA (Safety, Health and Environment (HSE) Checklist Contractors). This certification is important to work safely on construction sites.

werken in de bouw zonder ervaring

Work without experience in construction

We have jobs that don’t require experience or a degree. For example, construction cleanup workers are often needed on construction sites. You will ensure that the construction site is tidy and do various support tasks so that the craftsmen can continue working properly. A position for flexible workers who enjoy working outdoors.

Continue career with Jobxion

After you start at Jobxion, you have several options. Depending on which employment you work in with the client, you will work there for a short or longer period of time. If the partnership works well, a secondment period can be extended or you can join the company yourself. That way you know exactly where you’ll end up and you can move on to more experienced positions with the company.

On the contrary, if you want to gain more diverse experiences, you have the option to choose a project at another company after the project. This way you will get a good look into the construction world. 

One of the benefits of working through Jobxion is that you can take advantage of the training center. Here you can always go to improve or expand your skills. This is how you will definitely make it in construction!

Lateral entry pathway in brief

We will have a personal conversation with you to discover what you want. What your expectations are. And what we expect from you. Only in this way can we get a complete picture and draw up a suitable lateral entry course for you.

You start the program with one of our courses under the guidance of an experienced subject instructor. In just a few days, we will teach you the basics needed to make a new career start as a lateral entrant.

In the meantime, we will arrange a new job in consultation with you and you will have an introductory interview at your new workplace. That way you can be sure you want to work there. After completing the training, you will join the company and continue to learn and grow as a professional.

Take the next step to working in construction

Hopefully, after reading this page, you are convinced that you can work in construction just fine without experience. We will help you with your career in construction. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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