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This is how freelance works at Jobxion

freelance at Jobxion

Are you a freelancer and would you like to work on the most beautiful projects, with continuity of work, but without administrative hassle? Go to work as a self-employed person through Jobxion.

You maintain your independence

Of course, you started as a self-employed person for a reason. You love your freedom and enjoy being your own boss with control over the work you take on. At Jobxion, we take that into account. You remain independent with choice of projects, where we help you get the work you are looking for.

Take advantage of the Jobxion network

We have a large network of clients nationwide, built up since 2004. As a result, we have a very diverse range of projects where you can get started. Consider new construction, renovation, commercial construction and infrastructure projects. So there is always a project that will make you happy.

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How do you work as a freelancer through Jobxion?

The wide range of clients and projects allows us to ensure that projects are usually well matched. That way, no precious working days are lost and you know where you stand before a project ends. We will inform you in a timely manner about the opportunities available and, if interested, we will arrange for you to start working on the next project.

You may find administration and invoicing the least fun part of your job as a freelancer but unfortunately it is part of the job. Fortunately, we can relieve you of this by arranging invoicing with clients on your behalf. Each week we will send an invoice for you. This way you get paid quickly and with regularity for the work you have done.


Want to learn more or get started via freelancing at Jobxion? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

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