Corporate Social Responsibility

What are we doing about CSR?

Corporate social responsibility can no longer be an afterthought of a business. It should be a central responsibility in a time full of challenges to care for people and the environment together. Read below how Jobxion puts this into practice.

Local involvement

Being involved in your environment is important. By partnering precisely with regional and local businesses, together we create more jobs. As a result, more work is close to home which ensures short travel times for employees. In addition, we believe it is important to sponsor and support local projects. With this, we make a connection between relaxation and work.

Minimizing environmental impact

First we were in an old office building in the middle of Tiel, which was a great time, but working sustainably became more and more difficult. In 2021, we received the key to our current building. Sustainably built and equipped to work sustainably. For example, we generate our own electricity there with 192! solar panels on our roof.

We burden the environment as little as possible by minimizing paper consumption and working with energy-efficient equipment. For example, our lamps work with a motion detector so they automatically turn off when the room is left. We deliver documents, quotations and invoices, preferably digitally. This saves paper and postage costs. Furthermore, we have a number of electric cars and, through proper planning, unnecessary driving is avoided as much as possible.

Safety is important

JobXion makes every effort to keep our employees working as safely as possible. Our account managers hold the VCU safety certificate and visit the construction sites of our temporary workers to check for safe working practices. All of our employees hold their own VCA safety certificates. We also provide all employees with proper work clothes with safety shoes and personal protective equipment. Safety in the workplace is important, which is why we are actively working on it.


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