Temporary employment in construction or engineering

This is how employment works at Jobxion

Temporary employment Jobxion

Maximum flexibility and variety is what you want. No permanent contract, just get to work on the best projects we have for you. Then choose Temporary Staffing via Jobxion

How does Temporary employment work

With a temporary contract from Jobxion, you have maximum freedom with the assurance that we take care of everything you need to get to work and stay working. If the project ends, we will look for a new project for you. This keeps you busy, your work is varied, you have different colleagues and you work at multiple locations.

You communicate your wishes (both what you do like to do and what you absolutely do not like to do). We tailor our search accordingly. Which starts as close to where you live as possible, because: the less travel time, the more private time. Of course, you always know where you stand.

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What we take care of when employing

We provide the basics: a good salary, paid weekly or monthly based on the client’s collective bargaining agreement. If you work in construction, then you will simply be paid based on the construction cao. In the installation industry, of course, the same is true. Furthermore, we provide Makita cordless tools, a professional outfit with personal protective equipment and, if necessary, transportation in one of our cars.

Would you eventually like to be employed somewhere permanent? Then we will arrange that for you with one of our clients.

When temporary staffing, Jobxion remains your employer

Once you are posted through Jobxion, we are your formal employer. This means that we take all the responsibility for you and take care of everything for you. From career counseling to time management and from your benefits to paying your salary. At the same time, we ensure that you are treated in the same way as colleagues who are directly employed by the client.


Want to learn more or get started at temporary employment with Jobxion? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.
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