A future full of opportunity: Careers in construction

Starting in construction often begins as an apprentice. No degree? No problem! You will learn the ropes of the profession and earn at the same time. Then you grow, become a professional and later perhaps even a contractor in charge of an entire project. In this blog, we’ll tell you what this growth looks like, what to expect And how you can work your way to the top. Are you reading?

Apprentice to Executive

Apprentice in Construction (0-3 years) You can start in construction as an apprentice, you can do this with no prior training or you can consider a hands-on training such as carpenter, bricklayer, plumber, etc. that usually takes 2 to 3 years. There is a choice between a BBL track (work and learn) or a BOL pathway where you study for a position. During your apprenticeship period, you will earn an average of €2,610 gross per month, depending on the location where you work and the employment status.

Experienced Craftsman (3-5 years) After completing your vocational training, you will have the opportunity to work as a craftsman. You can also gain experience in construction without an education and develop your skills practically. With about 5 years of experience, you can expect a higher salary and have the choice to continue working in employment or start as an independent contractor (freelancer), for example.

Specialized Craftsman (5+ years) With increasing experience, you can specialize in a specific field within the construction industry, such as restoration, new construction, or renovation. In addition, you will earn more as a specialized craftsman and may be given managerial responsibilities. The salary for a specialist craftsman varies by position and employment, although it averages between €2,595 – €3,510 gross per month.

Foreman (7+ years) After about 7 years of experience, you may consider the role of foreman. As a foreman, you will lead a team of craftsmen and be responsible for coordinating projects.

Executive (10+ years)Voilà! Finally, as an experienced foreman, you can aspire to the position of construction manager. Executives have a leadership role and are responsible for the entire construction process on a project. This position requires extensive experience and knowledge of construction processes and project management. For this position, you will earn an average of €4,215 gross per month


As a construction worker, you enjoy several benefits that make this move attractive

What should I be able to do?


The best-known occupations in construction

  • A Concrete Carpenter is and specializes in making formwork, made of wood or metal. These formworks or molds are used to pour concrete. This allows specific structures and foundations of buildings to be formed. You can think of elements such as walls, beams, floors and shafts for elevators. Ultimately, these structures form the backbone of a home or other building. When you look around the urban environment, you really realize how much concrete is incorporated into our world. Therefore, the profession of Concrete Carpenter is of tremendous value! Check your options here!
  • As a carpenter, you create, repair and install wooden structures. Think about deploying window frames or fixing doors. Whether it’s putting up a partition wall or a ceiling, you don’t turn your hand to it. You will work on new homes, commercial properties and also renovation projects. Occasionally you will be doing jobs inside and other times you will be working outside. Sometimes you will work solo, but you may also work with teammates on a larger project. In your role as a carpenter, you often prepare things for painters or masons. There are several roles within carpentry that you can fill. Maybe you want to specialize as a concrete carpenter, restoration carpenter or furniture maker. If you like variety, you can focus on various carpentry jobs. In that case, you are a versatile carpenter. Got curious? Then check out our vacancies for carpenters 


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