Freelancer in construction without experience

Are you ready for more freedom and would you like to be your own boss? Then freelancer in construction might be a good option for you. But is this possible without experience and how do you do it?

Can you work in construction as a freelancer without experience?

To get straight to the point, the short answer is no. The meaning of freelancer is self-employed without staff. Someone without experience cannot work independently, which makes it very difficult to do your job properly as a freelancer without experience. So you will have to get experience as a freelancer so that you can work independently.

And freelancing in construction without a diploma?

That’s easier, as there are quite a few construction professionals who started without a diploma and learned the trade by doing it. You often do this at a training company where you learn the tricks of the trade from an experienced craftsman. A diploma is therefore necessary to start as a self-employed construction worker.

Freelancer without experience and want to work in construction

If you would like to be your own boss and take on your own assignments, there are options for starting in construction as a self-employed person without experience. We present you with 2 options that can help you.

1. Get experience

This may not be what you want, but think of it as an investment in your future self-employment. Let’s say you choose to work for one year at a construction company to gain experience. In a year, you can learn many different skills, especially at an all-round construction company. After that, starting as a freelancer will be easier, and you will immediately have a good reference from the company where you worked. Even without prior experience, you can start a career in construction. 

Gaining experience can be done in various ways. It can be in your job at a construction company, but usually it starts with odd jobs in your own home/neighbourhood. You can also drop by a construction company and ask if you can join them on Saturdays or in the evenings as a kind of internship.

Say you are 29 and after a year of experience you are 30, then you can work as a freelancer for at least 35 years after that. Investing in experience is a good option.

2. Start as a freelance construction cleaner

There are many different jobs for self-employed construction workers, but if you want to start as a construction cleaner, you can do so without experience. You will then take care of a tidy construction site. This may not be your dream job, but you should also see this as an investment. After a while, you may do some other small jobs, you will meet other professionals and before you know it, you will roll on into another position. Starting as a freelance construction cleaner is a great opportunity to get started as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Upgrade yourself as a freelancer without construction experience

You want to start as a freelancer without experience in construction. Also, you don’t have a degree, but you want to make it in construction. Then make sure it becomes more attractive for a construction company to hire you. The following things are easy to arrange that will make you market yourself better. 

  • Chamber of Commerce: perhaps an open door, but you need to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce to work as a freelancer.
  • Driving licence: essential for a freelancer and you can get a bus from the client.
  • Own transport: having your own car or bus can be a plus.
  • Own tools: if you have your own tools, it saves the client money.
  • VCA (VOL): this safety certificate is always required
  • Teach yourself skills: there are many tips on Youtube that will make you more handy.
  • Find a free training course: google free training courses given by employment agencies, for example. 

What does a freelancer in construction earn?

An important question for craftsmen who want to work in construction as self-employed. What you earn strongly depends on your experience. Generally, the hourly rate of a self-employed construction worker is between €30 and €50 gross. A freelancer with no experience working in construction will be at the lower end of these amounts. 

This hourly wage seems pretty good at first glance, but bear in mind that as a self-employed person, you have to pay for your own expenses, such as your insurance and that tax will also be deducted. 

Tips for starting out as a freelancer

A few more tips for if you want to start as self-employed in construction.

  • Choose projects that suit you.
  • Build a network, this is going to help you find new assignments and get recommendations.
  • Invest in yourself by doing courses, training and practical education. This will increase your hourly wage.
  • Start with a financial cushion in place so that you have time to grow and keep it going when things slow down.
  • Start with small projects to gain experience and slowly build your portfolio.

What we do for freelancers in construction.

As a temporary employment agency, we have various vacancies to which self-employed workers can also apply. You can filter this in the vacancies. If you have seen a nice project, apply directly or contact us. We will arrange everything you need and make sure that you can move on to another project after one. In addition, we will invoice the client for you so that you receive your money on time. 

Now you are going to make it

Hopefully this blog has inspired you to start as a self-employed construction worker, even if you have no experience yet. There is plenty of work in the construction industry, so opportunities abound for professionals who know how to get started.
Do you have question?  Contact us. We are happy to help!
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